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Voting for the First Lady.

Blogger’s note: I began to write this directly after the conventions, and then it sat, unfinished. But as the current news cycle focuses on which candidate throws the best zinger, I wanted to revisit the issue of the candidates and women. Consider how the candidate’s wives display the candidate’s perspective on women.

I’m on the bus riding to work, and a young woman is talking about wishing that Michelle Obama would run for president in four years. Stop and take a moment to let that in. Inhale, exhale, and ponder it for me. She is a young black women and looks as if she is headed to work perhaps.

There has been so much talk about the GOP War on Women but it has mostly revolved around Abortion Rights.  But there are other aspects to it too. Ann Romney painted herself as a strong woman whose role is to be a supportive wife. Michelle as well as Jill Biden projected a very different persona.

The role of women from the conservative viewpoint and the role of women from a more progressive viewpoint are so different. Which presents the way you see women? Here are video clips of the four women Ann Romney, Janna Ryan, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden (aka Dr. Jill Biden)

Watch these clips. Ask yourself which role do you see for the next first lady and for women in general. Consider how you vote in November, because it will set the styage for the role and place of women in our culture.





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