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Pre-post: Sex, Gender, and Genitalia

Yesterday, I spent time on a 1200 word post concerning an issue of trans non-discrimination at Evergreen College in Washington. It started when I found a letter to the editor by a New England conservative candidate who was making exaggerated claims, or so I thought. As I researched the issue (write first and then research!  LOL) I found the subject more complex than originally it appeared. And thus, I am posting a pre-post to set up that post in a more meaningful way.

I’m more interested in asking some questions than in suggesting I have a more enlightened position to share. I’ll let that other post be my platform for my opinions. But today, let me ask what you think about the issue of Sex, Gender, and Genitalia. At the center of the Evergreen College controversy is a 45 year old student who self-identifies as a trans woman and remains with all the genitals with which this person was born.

What is the relationship of genitalia to gender and to sex? when and where are any of these the same thing, and where do they refer to different things? and is the idea of what constitutes “trans” pr a trans man or a trans woman changing? Here is a quote from a trans woman’s blog:

I do not totally agree with the TG support for Mr. Francis. I see it split 60-40 in favor of Mr. Francis with the 40% of the TG world opposed understanding the actual ramifications of what this asshole, pervert is more accurate, has done to their beloved TG “justice and equality” attempt at manipulating the Legal System.

Please share your ideas about Sex, Gender, and Genitalia by leaving and comments here on the blog.