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The opinions and ideas expressed at thomascwaters.com, are strictly those of the author, Thomas C Waters, and do not reflect any organization, business, effort, or entity with which the author may be associated.

I had been blogging and posting on a “.mac” site for quite while, but in November 2008, I decided to see what it was like on the WordPress side of things, and so I began this blog. Initially, I expected to use “thomascwaters.com” as a training tool, to learn how to use WordPress, and devote my attention to a podcast and blog called,  A Queer Look at the Bible. But the November election of Obama, and the passage of Prop 8 in California changed that. I began blogging heavily here on thomascwaters.com, and have been ever since.

thomascwaters.com is produced by thomascwaters.com LLC, all rights reserved except blog posts are covered by the Creative Commons License.

2013 was an average year for my blog. I have posted much less, and the stats demonstrate the effect this has had.  These stats are for 2013:

  • 35,781 pageviews
  • 9,348 unique visitors
  • 105 countries
  • 45% Visitors from within PA
  • 567 locales across PA


thomascwaters.com  was selected as a finalist in the 2012 Beacons of Equality Award, offered by Righs of Equality, and I finished as the 1st runner up for the award. I’m very thankful for this recognition and the support of my readers which made it possible.

Totals since the birth of this blog:

  • Pageviews: 170,614
  •  Unique Visitors: 47,278

I also write about social media, iPads, Apps and Educational Technology on these blogs:




Links to most places I can be found across the internet: about.me/tcwaters

SiteMap: While Google remains a primary way people find my blog, if you want an more traditional site map, here it is.

 Comment moderation on my blog

Generally speaking I believe in full free speech, and have always approved comments made by real people (not spambots) unaltered. However, this is not a public forum, it is my owned and operated space, and therefore, I reserve the right to delete any comment that doesn’t pertain to the subject of the post or otherwise is of questionable value. I also reserve the right to delete any comments where a person has posted anonymously, and/or have used a fake email with the comment. All posts may be moderated, however, generally speaking, if you are a registered user, on Facebook, Google, your message will be posted immediately.

While I love regular readers, I frankly don’t care if you agree or disagree with me, or if you like me or not. I use my blog to share my ideas and know that not everyone will agree, and I’m fine with that.  If you comment, please try and refrain from personal attacks, libelous or false accusations, and otherwise hateful rhetoric. You are entitled to your own opinion, but if you want to share it via inflammatory rhetoric, I suggest starting your own blog. Real discourse involves people saying they agree, or disagree, and then explaining why in a way that assists others to understand your position. Real discourse is welcomed and appreciated, and adds to everyone’s understanding of an issue.


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  3. Welcome to the blog Chip! Tried to reach you before the March last November, but I must have incorrect contact information.

  4. So nice to see Tom Waters keeps turning over the stones of faith, spirituality, Chrisitianity and the Bible — dipping them into the stream of all that is happening in the news and the community around him. Hope he'll stop to see me if anything brings him back to Washington, DC! – Chip

  5. Hello Thomas,

    I am writing on behalf of World Wildlife Fund and its “Act For Our Future ” campaign to encourage the U.S. Senate to act on climate legislation. Like your blog, we are also participating in Blog Action Day and we would like to join forces with you to spur Senate action on a climate bill this year.

    WWF’s Act For Our Future campaign is an integrated online and broadcast TV campaign focused on getting Americans to call their Senators and ask them to vote “yes” on climate legislation. Your blog could help us reach more people and have a greater impact.

    Your help would be appreciated in highlighting or mentioning our campaign in your Blog Action Day posting and linking to our content on your website. In return WWF would like to draw our vast network of 1.5 million U.S. members to your site by cross-posting some of your content and links on our ActForOurFuture.org campaign site, as well as posting material on our campaign Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Many thanks,

    Jacklyn G. Rodney | The Fratelli Group
    E: jrodney@fratelli.com
    T: 202.822.9491
    1300 Connecticut Ave., NW | Suite 600 | Washington D.C., 20036 | http://www.fratelli.com

  6. Hi Tom, I wonder, what do you know about our local mayor candidate Franco Dok Harris, vis-a-vis GLBT issues? Thanks, Harriet

    • Great question Harriet! I don’t know too much actually, and perhaps I need to dig in and find out. I know this: He was at the signing of the Allegheny County nondiscrimination ordinance earlier this summer, and I know that lesbian blogger, Sue Kerr thinks much of him. I believe if you check out her blog, you can find an interview with him there.

  7. Sounds like a great idea DK! sorry I took so long to reply.

  8. Hi Tom, Cool blog. I’ve been checking it out for awhile and seeing you at Pride reminded me to take another look. I wonder if you would post advice for those of us who live in Pgh in areas where elected officials are supportive of HB300 and other GLBT initiatives. I send them notes to thank them for their support, but otherwise wouldn’t lobby them at this point because they are already on board. I’ve been told that officials don’t care much to hear from people who are not their constituents… so I’m not sure about lobbying officials who do not represent my neighborhood. Given all of this, what can I do to be more politically active? Thanks. H

  9. As a gay man I am a bit ashamed of my lack of community involvement. Mostly I stick to myself and hide out in the little world my partner and I have created. I stumbled across you on Twitter and have enjoyed the many links you have provided in regards to the gay community. It makes me wonder how I can make a difference.


    • Thanks for the comment Steven! I’m sure there are lots of ways that you can make a difference. I think it just started with making a choice to get involved somewhere- in some way. It is a fallacy to think that any one of us makes all the difference. Rather it is a matter of everyone making some difference, and all of these differences adding up to change.

  10. thanks for posting my More Intelligent Life piece
    let’s communicate

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