David Badash, who always writes an excellent post takes a look at NOM’s language and handling of recent polls which show a majority of Americans support Same-sex Marriage. It is a good read for a few reasons, so follow the link at the bottom for it.

But Gallagher has revealed her hand, and turned the case of whether or not a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage into one of “my poll is better than your poll.” And if that is the game, Gallagher has already lost.

But there are a few remarks, he doesn’t make, that I want to address.

NOM’s Gallagher believes that the only meaningful “poll” is what happens on election day, where groups like NOM have had success killing Same-sex marriage or other Equality measures. Badash points out how allowing the majority to vote on the rights of the minority is un-american (my word) and oppressive (Thomas Jefferson’s words). But he fails to point out that NOM can only manufacture those results at the ballot box by spending millions to spread lies and misinformation. In the run up to an election, groups like NOM use fear mongering and outright lies to scare people who then vote for the status quo over fairness. Exit polls (which Gallagher likes) display this when people express why they voted against fairness- it always comes back to some who believe all of the lies.

The polls done over a long period of time, like the Post-ABC poll show very different results, because in those cases, folks are expressing their opinions while not under the duress of the fear mongering.

The reality is too, that all of NOM’s efforts are towards one goal, to mislead. The pre-election fear mongering, as well as the rubbish filling their blog and press statements. If they say it often enough and loud enough, (and with enough conviction) they will find people who will believe them. But it is also reality to say that this is changing. Other messages about the importance of fairness and what Same-sex marriage really means are traveling out to the voting constituents, and these truthful messages are being heard and believed.

via NOM’s Numbers Problem With Marriage Equality Polls | The New Civil Rights Movement.

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