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Can Pride help us refocus LGBTQ efforts?

Can Pride help us refocus LGBTQ efforts?

The idea of “winning” and beating down our opponents is a powerful desire that many appreciate. And here I am claiming that it is the wrong way to go. Empowering people is the real path to success, even if it is hard at some points to see the progress or success it is causing.

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Five Actions That LGBT Americans Can Do

Activism doesn’t always mean doing big and risky things. Somethings the best for of activism, is just being, and making sure to do what you can do, rather than rationalize why you can’t do something else. These five things are things that anyone of us can do, ad we all need to do:

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Activist Book Club: Readers Welcome!

Activist Book Club: Readers Welcome!

Especially as I sit in QUILTBAG meetings, I realize that this younger generation of activists have all the right motivations and passion, but in many ways are re-inventing the wheel all over, sometimes spinning their wheels. Got me wondering if there were any great boks out there to help articulate the lessons learned from ACT UP or other grass roots movements.

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Open letter to my father.

It may be that we have every right to demand full and unconditional acceptance and love from our parents. It may be also true that our parents don’t know that they have this to give us. The task may seem impossible to them. Activism isn’t only about giving voice to our demands, but it is also about giving individuals enough information to help them rise about their own ideas of the status quo.

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Hard Time to be an LGBTQ Activist/Advocate

Short commentary: It is a freaking hard time to be a blogger working in the area of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights, when the Country and our Government as a whole is so totally screwed up. Wanting to write about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is timely and essential, but placed in the context of a Congress where the GOP cares only about tax breaks for the millionaires and billionaires, and a President who[Read More…]

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Coming Out as Radical Action

In this way, coming out is radical action or activism. It is a willingness to make our whole selves present and visible to others at every choice we make.

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Open Letter to Angry and Frustrated LGBT Activists

October 11, 2010 Update: The truth is, this wasn’t originally, a well written post. I was asked if it could be posted as an editorial elsewhere on the web, and so I cleaned it up for that purpose. I’m posting the updated text here too, since it is better written. I’m leaving the original below  however. Preface: The following was written in response to a post on Facebook, where an activist was expressing frustration and[Read More…]

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Who Is The Enemy for LGBT Rights?

It may be the wrong time to tell gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folks that the hard work isn’t over. They may not be thrilled to hear that if we are to achieve Equality, we all must double down our efforts, and work in more direct ways by getting engaged in the legislative process.

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Why I Like the Term Advocate More Than Activist

I think this is possibly a major core of the difference between being an activist who is fighting against someone or someone, and an advocate who is working for something, and willing to see a bigger picture.

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Let’s Get Honest About the March on Washington

The linked blog post is by someone I follow on Twitter, and if you have been reading my blog, you won’t be surprised that I’m not very enthusiastic about the timing of the National March on Washington.  Here is my reply to his blog post: Your blog post typifies what is so wrong about the timing and priorities for the March. “We need a National front…” and you honestly believe that a march will accomplish[Read More…]

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