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Trans student first to play on HS softball team.

Trans student first to play on HS softball team.

LGBTQ youth face some of the greatest difficulties and too often we only hear about trans youth- or adults for that matter- who are victims. Thanks to GLAAD for pointing out this amazing young person.

Proposition 8 and the Battle for Marriage Continues

No matter how passionate you are about Marriage Equality, it is in your best interest to understand the nuances of Walker’s decision, and what the next steps may mean. It could mean the difference between an end to Prop 8 for California, or a cornerstone for the foundation of the case that will allow Same- Sex Marriage across the entire country.

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The Trib and Prop 8 Decision

It never ceases to amaze me how trampled the constitution is by some of the very folks who scream the loudest that the Democrats are destroying our country

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The Next Prop 8 Hearing is Today

On the one hand, since there is no reason at all for the state to deny same-sex couples the right to marry, there is no reason, not to allow them to begin marrying right away. On the other hand, the Judge, and his decision are under heavy scrutiny. It could be seen as “pushing the gay agenda” to allow same-sex marriages to restart, and that could take someone away from the detailed, thoughtful, comprehensive, and logical decision that the Judge wrote. At stake however, is the rights of thousands of California couples to marry over the next year or so, and to fail to allow that would be the same as doing what was deemed unacceptable in his decision.

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Motion to Stay May Be More Important Than Judge’s Ruling

Motion to Stay May Be More Important Than Judge’s Ruling

We know that the ruling will be appealed no matter what then decision is, and Walker, almost painfully, laid out a meticulous case so that there was no stone unturned and the court record would be as detailed as could be as the case moves through the appeals process towards the Supreme Court. But what about the time between now and the appeal?

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Hypocrisy and the Gays Who Protect the Gays Who Hate Gays

The really damning indictment of this incident is aimed at the gay rights/activist community of California. These are the individuals who ought to be hanging their heads and offering apologies for allowing this self-hating fag to do damage for so long.

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