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The growing Catholic engagement in US government.

The growing Catholic engagement in US government.

While we watch progress at the Supreme Court as well as across the country, we must also put effort into stopping the growing role of Catholic Church as government influencer. Or, the Church needs to lose their tax exempt status and call themselves a lobbying firm. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and supportive allies across the country must press for the tax exempt status of the Catholic Church to be revoked. Few actions will be as important in the coming next wave of activism.

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Five myths about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal

The article points out how the Catholic Church, isn’t any more guilty of sexual abuse than other institutions or places where children are in the control of adults, but the Church setting is one where this hierarchy of power is so well defined and celebrated. Part of the nature of the Catholic Church is based upon the power of the priesthood, and the subservience of the pubic.

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