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Western PA Rep Votes Against DADT Repeal

Note: This is one of many Western PA reps that voted against the DADT repeal. I will be updating this post to list all of them. This is from Get Equal PA, a group calling for non-violent civil disobedience direct action to promote LGBT activism. If you follow mu blog, you already know that face-to-face meetings or personal letters (not emails) sent to legislators is the typoe of action I most often support. I like[Read More…]

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The repeal does not allow openly gay and lesbians to serve their country. The repeal simply returns the law to what it was before DADT.

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Constituents Changed Ron Paul’s Vote on DADT

Elected officials don’t really respond well to being called names or told that something is the right way or the wrong way. But, when you tell your own story- when you talk about how something will impact you or your loved ones, you make a difference.

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Will Repeal of DADT Help LGBT Servicemembers?

Most Americans are ready for DADT to be repealed, but most also assume that a repeal of DADT would mean that openly gay or lesbian troops will be allowed to serve. Guess what? The current compromise bill doesn’t accomplish that at all! All the compromise does is repeal DADT, and return the military to the pre-DADT conditions where gays and lesbians were not permitted to serve.

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Blackmail in the Military is OK, but being Gay isn’t

The current “worry” about how straight men in the military will feel if they have to work with open homosexuals, is exactly the type of male-dominated heterosexism that also leads to the mistreatment of women.

May 12, 2010 3 comments general

Chaplains Fight DADT Repeal

So, if there is an out gay soldier, it doesn’t affect how a chaplain does his or her job, in any way. That chaplain can keep believing whatever they believe, no one is stopping him or her.

April 27, 2010 1 comment general

What Next for DADT?

The story is pretty much all over the place- bloggers reading into Gibb’s statement that DADT repeal won’t happen this year, and that is pretty disturbing to be sure. I have a few other concerns  as well that I want to write about. It isn’t clear to me why Obama is the focus of all of our attention on this issue. It is clear to me that he is not a strong supporter of our[Read More…]

April 21, 2010 1 comment general

Did Gays Cause Srebrenica Massacre

There are no real plausible reasons to support the second class citizenship of LGBTs in the US anymore. It is time for the march for greater equality to continue to move forward.

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Tom Goss: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Matt Alber and I were on tour in Febuary when the news about this was most heavy, we met with some discharged servicemembers, heard their stories and wrote a song about it. 100% of the donated proceeds from “Who We Are” goes directly to SLDN.

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Ruling on gay Air Force major creates dilemma :: EDGE on the Net

The link below is to Edge, and well worth your time to read it, if you care about DADT and/or equality issues in general. I had hoped to read more and write something reasonable about what this means, but ran out of time yesterday, soi here is the original article. Ruling on gay Air Force major creates dilemma :: EDGE on the Net.

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