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2012 Posts in Review

2012 Posts in Review

Every year I look back over the content I have written and look to see which posts grab the most attention. I’d like to mention the 12 posts that received the most number of hits.

December 27, 2012 1 comment general

QUILTBAG is Coming Back!

I think QUILTBAG is one of the most exciting changes to the Pittsburgh LGBTQ community building and activism efforts! I believe this because QUILTBAG is grassroots! Because QUILTBAG is full of passion! Because QUILTBAG is full of honesty and real desire for a better community that includes everyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer and all those who choose not to fit into a label but who are a part of our whole community. Join the Quiltbag Facebook group! Get engaged in real change. You can make it happen.

September 10, 2012 Comments are Disabled Activism, general

QUILTBAG group meets tomorrow. There is an empty chair with your name on it!

Monday evening is the next QUILTBAG meeting, and I’m excited to see this group continue to form, coalesce, and build a new way for queer individuals and organizations to work together and support each other. Few efforts have begun in here in Pittsburgh that are as important as this one, when it comes to shaping the next generation of cooperation and activism surrounding LGBTQ/QUILTBAG as a community. Saw this pic on the Occupy Pittsburgh Facebook[Read More…]

December 4, 2011 Comments are Disabled general

Can QUILTBAG fix Pittsburgh’s fractured LGBTQ community?

This is a far more complex issue to navigate, but I believe the solution is always to add more voices to the whole. Those more voices must come from active engagement too! It won’t happen by passively waiting to see who shows up.

November 13, 2011 Comments are Disabled Activism, general

SW PA Action Plan for Social Justice

This came from the QUILTBAG newsletter: The final session of the conference was designated for discussion of the “Action Plan for Building Social Justice in Southwestern PA”. The structure was similar to our first QUILTBAG meeting. Facilitators engaged participants in sharing (1) their visions for the world in 5 years, (2) the burning issues that need to be addressed if this world is to manifest, (3) how social justice movements can better work together to[Read More…]

October 18, 2011 Comments are Disabled Activism, general

Next LGBTQ/QUILTBAG meeting is this Saturday!

Rayden Sorock, with the help of others organized a highly successful community meeting that he nicknamed “QUILTBAG.” The meeting gathered a diverse mix of individuals and representatives from local LTBTQ organizations for a thought provoking, and energized session discussing a five year plan for Queer Pittsburgh. My posts about the first meeting are here, and here. And here are the notes captured at the first meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, 2-4PM[Read More…]

September 29, 2011 1 comment Activism, general
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