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Pope Francis and Violence Against LGBTQ Persons

Pope Francis and Violence Against LGBTQ Persons

These comments may have been made directly related to the issue if ISIS and muslim extremists, but the same must hold true for any who use religion as a pretext for violence against others. Including violent attacks based on gender expression, identity or sexual orientation.

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Religion, Collusion, and Bigotry (Part 1)

Religion, Collusion, and Bigotry (Part 1)

This is the first of a multi-part series about the connection of Religion and Bigotry. I want to focus on two other aspects of this intersection of Faith and bigotry, and how the two feed each other.

Santorum to end separation of church and state

Santorum to end separation of church and state

Santorum’s position doesn’t place all Catholics at odds with the Constitution. He does however place the institution of the Roman Catholic Church as the enemy of the First Amendment.

That religious argument.

I rarely have anti-gay type folks post comments on my blog, but I was surprised today to find a comment posted on a story about Target and their supposedly neutral stance on same-sex marriage. While the old testament says to stone folks like you, I am not a perfect Bible reader. I am a Christian and we lean over backwards to forgive. LBGT has had a license to do what they pretty much please in[Read More…]

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Is it just religion: A Christmas Message.

Is it just religion: A Christmas Message.

for him, and those who are with him, the battle to stop civil marriage is all about the plumbing, and some ideal myth of boy marries girl, marries and makes babies. Let me repeat that: The battle against Civil Marriage by Same-Sex partners is all about protecting a myth that doesn’t match the reality of the world in which we live.

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Hate Crimes, Preaching, and Free Speech

If we talk about gay and lesbian people, we are talking about people- real people. People talking about people. But if we talk about homosexuality, we are talking about something else- and the longer our real lives are labeled and considered as a “something else” we can be treated as outside of the norm, outside the realm that includes all real people.

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Queer Look Podcast to Return Soon!

It’s a long story why I stopped producing the queer Look at the Bible Podcast, but the short answer is that it is about to return! Each week, I’ll look at the week’s lectionary readings from the QP (the queer Perspective, and assign each a QP ranking. That is, just how “queer” is the scripture on a scale of 1 bible (not at all queer) to 5 bibles (way way queer!). Most consider that the[Read More…]

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Cool Web Site

I found this cool web site and think you should check it out if you are of the belief that GLBTQ people belong on the inside of the children of God. I have added it to my blogroll as well as linking it here.

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Seeing the Full Moon… and Religion

To pit Science as against Religion is an attempt to circumvent this recognition of how much we don’t know. To name all of it as a part of God’s plan, or intellegent design is a way to shut down the exploration, and label ourselves as in control.

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