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Can Gays Be A Part of the Conservative Movement?

Can Gays Be A Part of the Conservative Movement?

The Tea Party movement, while played up to be about fiscal responsibility, and small government, is really all about social purity first and foremost. That’s why we have seen a number of far right wing hate groups, like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) pull out of CPAC, the conservative convention because the gay group, GoProud is a sponsor.

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Who Do You Want to Run Our Government?

ssues like START, the destruction of the Constitution, and the elimination of social programs are the real goal. The rhetoric around smaller government and fiscal responsibility are just the empty words used to invigorate the voters and create a media spectacle.

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Constitution 101

We are losing our country to these crazies, and we need to realize it before it is too late. We want a few rights while they are destroying the very framework upon which any of us (all of us) have any rights at all.

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Tea Party Leaders Attack Constitution

Tea Party Leaders Attack Constitution

Anyone who thinks that the Tea Party Movement is simply about fiscal conservatism, need to take a step back and really look at what the Tea Party, and those pushing it forward are all about.

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3 Reasons Gays Don’t Drink Tea

The trendy political story at the moment, at least in the Mainstream Media which is busy chasing sound bites as an attempt to remain relevant, is the rise and presumed success of the Tea Party movement. There has been some chatter out there, in the blogosphere, as to whether or not gays and lesbians ought to get behind the Tea Party movement. On it’s surface, the Tea Party seems to be about small government, and[Read More…]

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When the Tail Wags the Dog

In a statement sent to Florida reporters today, Greer completely apologizes to Obama for slamming his 2009 speech. Greer says the vitriol he threw Obama’s way — and the national kerfuffle it caused — was part of his efforts to appease the party’s extremes. (What’s more, Greer suggests that it’s now the GOP that’s promoting ugliness, saying that “many” Republicans “have racist views.”) via Greer Apologizes To Obama For GOP Racism, Recants Critique Of Socialist[Read More…]

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How Rough Will the Battle Be For LGBT Rights?

How Rough Will the Battle Be For LGBT Rights?

The linked blog post on the Huffington post was actually about Health Care Reform, and is a good read on that subject, but a photo on the post really captured my attention, and prompted me to step back and think about the bigger picture.

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