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Direct Action Opposing PA Voter ID/Voter Suppression in Harrisburg PA

Direct Action Opposing PA Voter ID/Voter Suppression in Harrisburg PA

Please join the NAACP on Tuesday, July 24th, 1:00 pm, on the front steps of the State Capitol! This is a call for direct action. We need to actively voice our opposition to the new Voter ID law as well as support the NAACP and others in their suit challenging this unjust law.

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PA Voter ID Coalition Opens New Office

Received this via email. Note the figures below for the number of Philadelphia voters who may lack adequate ID.  For the entire state, there are approximately 750,000 voters who most likely lack or will be unable to attain a valid voter ID. Please join the PA Voter ID Coalition as we open our new Operations Center Saturday July 21, 2012 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 310 W. Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia Refreshments, Voter ID materials, Volunteer opportunities, Entertainment[Read More…]

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Voter Suppression will not protect your vote. Court date set.

A date has now been set for the PA court challenge to th PA VoterID Bill. Opponents of the law claim it is designs to suppress voters who are most generally democrat voters while proponents believe the law will protect against illegal alien voters. The bill was crafted by ALEC, and is part of a multi-state voter suppression effort. The linked story is one of the best ive read, and articulates well some of the[Read More…]

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ACLU Takes Voter ID Law To Court

The future of Pennsylvania’s recently passed voter ID law may be decided in Commonwealth Court. A lawsuit filed Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania and the NAACP claims the the law, which requires voters to show state issued photo identification at the polls, is unconstitutional. The groups are asking the court to block enforcement of the law before the November election. “We truly believe that if this law is allowed to go[Read More…]

May 1, 2012 2 comments Election, general
The Voter Suppression Bill: Voter ID will keep me from voting.

The Voter Suppression Bill: Voter ID will keep me from voting.

I have a Pennsylvania issued valid drivers license that will not meet the ID guidelines. I am a legal voter! The Voter ID bill is doing nothing to protect my right to vote! My partner was told that he could use his passport, but why is that? A passport has an expiration date on it but no address at all. Yet, my valid driver’s license won’t suffice? This bill in no way creates protection. Rather it creates hurdles, road blocks, and confusion.

April 25, 2012 2 comments Election, general

Problems with the PA Voter ID Bill: the issues have only begun.

The ACLU has an interesting blog post about some of the types of real world problems faced by individuals who simply want to be able to vote. Voting, the most basic right granted to us within a democracy. Proponents of the bill say, it doesn’t disenfranchise voters because anyone who needs an ID can go and get a free one at the DMV. Conceptually, that may be true, but in the real practical world, it[Read More…]

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What ID’s will allow you access to vote in Pennsylvania?

So what constitutes an acceptable ID? What ID’s will work, and what ID’s will not be enough? The information below makes it clear what ID’s are OK, and anything else is not OK. Additionally, if you do not have an approved ID, what you need to get one is also detailed below. I have highlighted some text in RED to draw additional attention to it. For folks within the LGBTQ community, especially trans persons and those who don’t conform to what is thought of as traditional gender roles, this is where a real problem may occur.

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Action Alert: PA Voter Suppression Bill Vote Coming.

Action Alert: PA Voter Suppression Bill Vote Coming.

Late Friday, word came out that we would see a PA Senate committee vote on PA HB 934, a Voter ID bill and a full Senate vote is possible later this week. Like many states across the country where Republicans won control in 2010, the PA GOP has been moving lock step ahead with an agenda designed to harm he re-election of Barrack Obama, and promote a radical social activist agenda that targets women and[Read More…]

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