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Phone Calls Needed Against PA SB 707

Note: More resources about PA SB 707

On Tuesday morning, the PA Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking up John Eichelberger’s SB 707 which would amend the PA Constitution, writing discrimination into it. The bill would essentially change nothing except that the ban on same-sex marriage would be built directly into the constitution. The language of the bill would define marriage as between one man and one woman. Backers of the legislation believe that this will protect “the family” as well as the institution of marriage.

Twice before conservatives have placed this issue before the Legislature, and twice before it has been defeated. If we are to defeat it again, we will need your help!

On Monday March 15th, can you take a few minutes and call each of the senators on the Judiciary committee?  Each call can be as short as a minute or two, so this doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The phone numbers and a sample of what you might say on the phone is here:

“My name is (your name) and I am calling you since  (senator’s name) sits on the Judiciary Committee, and want to ask the senator to vote no on SB 707 so that it does not go to the full senate.”

Either the Harrisburg number or the district office will work.  Some bullet points you can mention:

  • Writes discrimination into the PA Constitution.
  • Unnecessary bill, PA already prohibits same-sex marriage. Wasteful use of time and resources.
  • Does not benefit anyone directly.
  • Distracts Senate from more important business such as State Budget.
  • Develops an atmosphere of being unwelcome to gays and lesbians.
  • Develops an atmosphere of being unwelcome to large corporations which offer domestic partnership benefits.

Members of the committee:


Greenleaf, Stewart J., Chair: (717) 787-6599 or (215) 657-7700

White, Mary Jo, Vice Chair: (717) 787-9684 or (814) 432-4345

Leach, Daylin , Minority Chair: (717) 787-5544 or (610) 768-4200

Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio: (717) 787-7084 or (814) 726-7201


Browne, Patrick M.: (717) 787-1349 or (610) 821-8468

Earll, Jane M.: (717) 787-8927 or (814) 453-2515

Gordner, John R.: (717) 787-8928 or (570) 784-3464

Orie, Jane Clare: (717) 787-6538 or (412) 630-9466

Piccola, Jeffrey E.: (717) 787-6801 or (717) 896-7714

Rafferty, John C., Jr.: (717) 787-1398 or (610) 831-8830

Boscola, Lisa M.: (717) 787-4236 or (610) 868-8667
Costa, Jay: (717) 787-7683 or (412) 241-6690
Fontana, Wayne D.: (717) 787-5300 or (412) 344-2551
After you make your calls, consider posting a comment here on the blog. It can help encourage others to phone too!