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I had been blogging and posting on a “.mac” site since 2003, but in November 2008, I decided to see what it was like on the WordPress side of things, and so I officially began this blog. Initially, I expected to use “” as a training tool, to learn how to use WordPress, and devote my attention to a podcast and blog called,  A Queer Look at the Bible. But the November election of Obama, and the passage of Prop 8 in California changed that. I began blogging heavily here on, and have been ever since. is produced by LLC, all rights reserved except blog post content are covered by the Creative Commons License. I ask that any use of content is accompanied with a link back to the blog itself.


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I believe in full free speech, and have always approved comments made by real people (not spambots) unaltered. However, this is not a public forum, it is my owned and operated space, and therefore, I reserve the right to delete any comment that doesn’t pertain to the subject of the post or otherwise is of questionable value. I also reserve the right to delete any comments where a person has posted anonymously, and/or have used a fake email with the comment.

If you comment, please try and refrain from personal attacks, libelous or false accusations, and otherwise hateful rhetoric. You are entitled to your own opinion, but if you want to share it via inflammatory rhetoric, I suggest starting your own blog. Real discourse involves people saying they agree, or disagree, and then explaining why in a way that assists others to understand your position. Real discourse is welcomed and appreciated, and adds to everyone’s understanding of an issue.

Blog statistics

2015 was an average year for my blog. These numbers represent a two percent increase  in page views over 2014 but a nice 46% increase in site visitors.

  • 36,516 pageviews
  • 13,636 unique visitors
  • 105 countries
  • 22% Visitors from within PA
  • 567 locales across PA



In 2015, was a winner in the Best of the Burghosphere awards.In 2012,  was selected as a finalist in the Beacons of Equality Award, offered by Rings of Equality, and I finished as the 1st runner up for the award. I’m very thankful for this recognition and the support of my readers which made it possible.

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