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What to put in a letter to your elected official?

If you read my blog regularly, you know I operate with a basic premise: The most effective way to impact legislation, especially at the state level, is for regular every day voters develop a relationship with their elected official, and use that relationship to share their ideas about issues with their elected officials. So how do you get this relationship started? I think the best way is with a personal letter and follow that up[Read More…]

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Lancaster City Human Relations Commission Sponsors Community Discussion About PA HB 300

On Monday, March 8, 2010 The Lancaster City Human Relations Commission is sponsoring a community discussion about Pennsylvania HB300

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Advocacy, Urgency, and Results

It is never too early to start this relationship if there is a specific issue or bill that is important to you and others. But real change isn’t about one legislative bill or one issue. So, it is never too late to get involved in issue advocacy work if real equality is important to you.

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Breaking News: DC to offer Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Beginning March 3

This is important as one of the primary arguments used against gay marriage is that it will cause irreparable harm to others by destroying the family. A claim that is laughable, but one still capable of evoking fear at the ballot box.

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Will Bob Casey Start Leading or Continue to Follow?

Senator Casey- the people of Pennsylvania elected you to be a leader, and not a follower. We elected you to put the needs of the people of our state above all else. Thank you for being very good on many issues, but now is the time to be a leader in the Health Care reform debate as well. It is time to lead.

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ACLU Greater Pittsburgh Chapter Annual Meeting

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Bev Smith will give the keynote address, “Loss of Liberties and Social Injustice: It’s All About Perception.”

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Betsy Ross and Gay Marriage

Pennsylvania is currently looking to embed religious bigotry and discrimination into our state’s constitution with SB 707. This has been tried twice before, but both times it has been defeated. Still the radical religious right persists, and is again wasting time and tax dollars to again attempt this change to the constitution.

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Does Gay Sex Cause Earthquakes?

So these rabbis are doing what the religious community leaders have always done. When faced with what were seen as attacks to their status quo, they spoke out in an attempt to control, and keep the community following that status quo.

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Facebook, Censorship, and Public Perception

this is a great example of the way our culture is changing and needs to change, as we grapple with the connection between our bodies, and our voice/ right to express who we really are.

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Dallas Principles Co-Author Needs to Get a Grip?

I call upon all the authors of the Dallas Principles to issue a statement about this and condemn the suicide language used by Charles Merrill. If Merrill is an example of our collective leadership, we need new leaders!

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