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Will We Be Fighting For Our Very Lives?

Politicians like Santorum will now use that Tea Party momentum, but will have no problem being direct in his “values” messages. It is going to be a pretty bumpy ride.

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YouTube – Zach Wahls Speaks About Family

This has been all over Facebook, but in case you missed it, it is a wonderful example of giving voice to the reality of same-sex parents and the real meaning of Family. The more folks rise up and give voice to our reality, the lies and misinformatin will begin to fade away or be ignored. YouTube – Zach Wahls Speaks About Family.

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Bigotry and the anti-gay marriage followers

Bigotry and the anti-gay marriage followers

The solution is to ignore the intimidation and refuse to be silenced. The more we are out and visible, the harder it is for our opposition to accomplish their goals to silence us and deter equality. The more we share who we are as individuals, as couples, and as families or as supportive allies, our collective voice will drown out the hatred, lies and misinformation.

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Bridging the Gap Within the LGBTQ(et al) Communities

Lauren Daley has a short but immensely important piece in the City Paper- an interview with├é┬áJudith “Jack” Halberstam who will be in Pittsburgh as a Short Term Fellow. Daley’s piece is a very good read, so check it out, but this question was especially interesting: How do we bridge the gap between LGBT communities that are so varied? There has to be a different kind of politics. It’s not going to be an “identity politics”[Read More…]

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Lawsuits and Marriage Equality

Activists who care about Same-sex marriage need to recognize the value of work on every front, and support the efforts by others in those regards. We must support the legal efforts, the legislative efforts, and also continue to change public opinion and affect cultural change if we want to see Marriage Equality in the future.

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Why Are These Folks Given A Voice on Our Lives?

Most often, when reports like this surface, the attention is turned towards the anti-gay zealots, but isn’t the real culprit here the news media in general? Mr Green, 60, who was recently interviewed by the BBC over his views on Elton John becoming a father, has approved of the death penalty for gays and lesbians. Mrs Green described the incident which prompted her to leave him, recalling how he made a list of her failings[Read More…]

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