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Social Media and Goverment

Social Media and Goverment

Before the Internet, and email, letter communication from constituents peaked at about 264 million letters. It was valuable to understand that in the context of the paper intensive work flow of everything in Washington. Today, Congress receives 10 times that amount of communication via email.

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal: Navy Lt. Gary Ross,

This is a great story. These men have been together for 11 years!!!

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Pennsylvania House Committee Hearing on LGBT Non-Discrimination Today!

The PA House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on HB 300 will be airing on Pennsylvania Cable Network. PCN is available online at It will also stream on the House Democrats website at The hearing begins at 2pm.

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Some theme issues

My blog is experiencing a few issues with the display odf the pages. Please excuse these problems as I fix them.

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White House responds to N.C. marriage amendment

This president has done more for the LGBTQ community than any previous president, but that really isn’t enough. No president more than Barrack Obama should understand the underlying Civil Rights that are at stake in the battle over Marriage Equality. This is why we expect him to, in the words of Dan Savage, evolve already.

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Birthday Wishes

  This is not the type of thing I EVER post to my blog, but hey, Sunday is my birthday, and I am feeling a but crazy today. So often, I’m writing about heavy-duty stuff , but underneath it all is living life, which should also be fun and enjoyable. With that in mind, Here s a link to a fun picture. As I get older, I appreciate everyday, that at various times in our[Read More…]

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Bloomfield Queer Rally: at the hearings

when the police go overboard and throw their power around, and use arrests as a way to intimidate a group of people, it not only does damage to the relationship between the police and that group, but harms the Police’s credibility overall. The Police have no easy job, yet one has to wonder if they make it harder than it has to be in some situations.

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GOP Lawmakers Skipping Obama Jobs Speech (PHOTOS)

GOP boycott is same old behavior. The A= merican people want to see a new level of leadership. GOP Lawma= kers Skipping Obama Jobs Speech (PHOTOS) President Barack Obama w= ill address both chambers of Congress Thursday to unveil his plan to create j= obs, but not everyone plans to attend. Despite buzz that Congress migh= t ring in a new era of bipartisanship by choosing “prom night” seating for t= he speech — crossing aisle[Read More…]

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Gay Ugandan Refugee Tells What It Was Like

Gay Ugandan Refugee Tells What I= t Was Like Because Christian pastors had put his name onto a pub= lic blacklist, gay gospel singer Daniel Dyson fled the violently homophobic Uganda for the Bay Area. His story is worth reading. He didn=E2=80=99t leav= e right away or go underground=E2=80=93instead, he bravely took to the Ugand= an radio waves defending the LGBTQ community. Soon he was kidnapped and beat= en. He made his way to the[Read More…]

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