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Feedback about the Bloomfield Queer Rally posts.

Today, as I was leaving the Building Change conference, a young person stopped me, and said they recognized me from the Bloomfield Homophobia Rally. That, they have been reading my blog, and while some of the comments had become quite attacking, they really valued how I had had kept an open mind and even welcomed different perspectives. This allowed everyone’s voices into the mix. Few things could have meant more to me today that this[Read More…]

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The lies and misinformation of NOM.

“Vlogtober” is a series of You Tube videos inbspired by another youtuber I subscribe to, who was posting a video for everyday of the month of October. So I decided to try and do the same. [youtube][/youtube]

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Brandon McInerney: Homophobia, Hate Crimes and Violence

There is a slightly longer story at Joe.My.God (below link), however, I’m interested in exploring a different aspect of this case and issue. What is the relationship between homophobia, violence, and hate crimes? Prosecutors announced today that they will be retrying teenage murderer Brandon McInerney as an adult and with no hate crime embellishment to the charges. A mistrial was declared last month after some jurors refused to convict McInerney as an adult. Those jurors[Read More…]

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Comment policy on the blog-recent changes

I’ve made a few changes to the way that comments are handled in relation to this blog. Here is the current policy that will remain in effect until further notice: Generally speaking I believe in full free speech, and have always approved comments made by real people (not spambots) unaltered. However, this is not a public forum, it is my owned and operated space, and therefore, I reserve the right to delete any comment that[Read More…]

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Occupy Pittsburgh

Occupy Pittsburgh

Corporate influence is a queer issue! Look at Target Corp and all the $$$ they give to far right politicians and causes. Look at the number of US corporations which do not offer basic non-discrimination, or partnership benefits. Look at the way the US Chamber of Commerce and many large corporations seek to destroy unions and collective bargaining. These are all ways that a corporate dictated government harms LGBTQ Americans. Be a partner for Equality-[Read More…]

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New York Gay Marriage: Buddy Valastro Bakes Cake On ‘Cake Boss’ (VIDEO)

New York Gay Marriage: Buddy Va= lastro Bakes Cake On ‘Cake Boss’ (VIDEO) Long Island lesbian cou= ple Dee Smith and Kate Wrede planned to be among the first same-sex couples t= o marry in New York in July after = Gov. Andrew Cuomo legalized gay marriage. Just days before their wedding= , the couple met with New Jersey-based pastry chef Buddy Valastro, owner of C= arlo’s Bakery and the star of TLC’s “Cake Boss,”[Read More…]

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Gender: other.

Gender: other.

I’ve often thought of Gender and Gender Roles as two very different and distinct things. I thought of Gender as one’s sex, and one’s body was anatomically, either male, female or indeterminant. Gender Roles were for me, cultural constructions. In some eras of history perhaps, most everyone adhered to the roles culture had assigned, and it was the odd person who lived outside these understood norms. However, since about the second world war, gender roles have been changing and for many in American culture, do not seem as rigid as they once were. P.G.P.’s call this into further question and suggest that Gender itself may be a construction or open to interpretation.

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Rick Perry’s racism issue misses the real point.

Rick Perry’s racism issue misses the real point.

How deeply connected has the GOP in general, and the Perry family been with racism, and for how long?

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