So often, people are turned off by religion, and by the Bible, because it (possibly both) are expressed as being “the Word of God,” or as “God said…” This is a real problem, because it enables men and women to turn over all responsibility to that God.  I remember as a kid, it was easy to try and use the excuse, that because someone told me to.  And my parent’s comeback was always, if they told you to jump out the window, would you follow that too?  I took from that the notion that to release responsibility of one’s own actions was silly and potentially destructive.

The same holds true for those who act, and blame it on the Word of God, or because “God says…” Even if you believe that God did say [fill in the blank], or it was from the Word of God, it is important to take responsibility for your part.  YOU chose to act in what ever way, say or do whatever, based upon a choice.  You may feel it is the only choice.  But even if that is the case, you chose.

Blind obedience and Faith are not one in the same.

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