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TransOhio Symposium shatters new ground for Midwest transpeople

Really wonderful read to understand issues surrounding transgender people. Respecting and calling for the inclusion of transfolk in any GLBTQ rights actions is something I have cared about for many years. Probably 15  or more years ago, a FTM transman emailed me after reading something I had written in a Usenet newsgroup. I hadn’t really said much, but still he thanked me because few people (at least in that newsgroup) would speak up for transfolk.[Read More…]

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Finding God on Reality TV

Wow, this makes Queer Look at the Bible seem pretty lame in comparison. Choosing My Religion: Finding God on Reality TV – ABC News.

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Thoughts on God and Sex-Changes

I decided to post this here on Queer Look at the Bible because of the potentially theologic implications and scriptural basis of the underlying argument. First, I’d encourage anyone to read both Earl’s post, and then all of the comments, for this is a really rich discussion. and then, after reading that, read through my comments. and then lastly, post a reply here or on Earl’s blog or both. It is easy to think of[Read More…]

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