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Scripture, Homosexuals, and modern political efforts by conservative Christians.

A recent post on Matt Barber’s site attempts to suggest that Jesus actually talked about homosexuals, which is utterly outrageous to anyone who takes scripture at face value. For many years, those who advocate for accepting gay and lesbian people have used the fact that while Jesus talked of many issues, he never made any commentary on gays and lesbians. This they say, shows that one can be gay and a Christian at the same[Read More…]

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Jesus Predicted People Would Vote For Gay Marriage As A Sign Of End Times

“I think this confirms something that Jesus said in Matthew 7, that ‘broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter into it, but narrow is the road that leads to eternal life and only a few find it.’ So I wouldn’t be surprised if most people in America voted against God and against God’s values if that wasn’t a confirmation of something that Jesus predicted would come in the end times,” Klingenschmitt says.[Read More…]

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The Battle over the Bible or Homosexuality.

The linked post is a letter to the editor of a SpringfieldIL paper, and demonstrates how, like it or not, the issue of Equality will come down to a battle between the Bible and homosexuality. I really hate to phrase it that way; I think the work homosexuality doesn’t represent the real issue, but that is the way the anti-gay religious are framing it. We may as well accept it and get on with the[Read More…]

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Is hypocrisy a Biblical principle?

A Texas pastor who has repeatedly called Mitt Romney’s religion a cult is now endorsing the former Massachusetts governor because President Barack Obama “opposes biblical principles.”   Dallas pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress first said in 2007 that Romney was not qualified to be president because “Mormonism is a cult.”   “Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise,” Jeffress told his congregation. “Even though he talks about Jesus as his Lord[Read More…]

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Protests Against Westboro Baptist Church Are Misdirected Anger and Energy

On Facebook today, I saw a posting for a group called “Revolt Against Westboro Baptist Church.” It isn’t a group I have joined and have no intentions to do so, because I’m of the belief that it is wrongly directed anger and energy, and harms work towards full equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans persons more than it helps. In fact, it doesn’t help at all. It merely allows  the group’s members to feel[Read More…]

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The True Purpose of the Family

Pope Benedict XVI, who confused many followers recently by suggesting condoms might be acceptable for prostitutes, but not for HIV protection in general, last week said that gay marriage penalizes traditional couples and distorts the true nature of the family. The Pope said, “forms of unions, which distort the essence and purpose of the family end up penalising those who, with much effort, commit themselves to living a life whose bonds are marked by stable[Read More…]

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Thoughts on God and Sex-Changes

I decided to post this here on Queer Look at the Bible because of the potentially theologic implications and scriptural basis of the underlying argument. First, I’d encourage anyone to read both Earl’s post, and then all of the comments, for this is a really rich discussion. and then, after reading that, read through my comments. and then lastly, post a reply here or on Earl’s blog or both. It is easy to think of[Read More…]

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Toledo Bishop Bans Dissident ‘New Ways Ministry’ to Gays – Catholic Online

The link below is to, so expect the tone of the article to be anti-gay, but it is a good read nonetheless. The article describes how the Bishop Blair forced a pro-gay catholic group, New Way Ministries from using a local convent for a workshop. The group has been cited for failing to provide the full catholic teachig on homosexuality which includes “the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts and the objective disorder of the homosexual[Read More…]

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Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds –

Saw this before going to wortk this morning, and then noticed it had made front page of the local paper. Worth reading. commentary to follow later Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds –

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How Religion Fails us- Covenant Marriage

This post may seem politicaly based, but I decided to post it here due to the religious motivations behind the law being discussed in this linked blog. This is a story about something called Covenant Marriage, a type of legal marriage began as an attempt to stem divorce rates, begun in Lousiana, but now available in several states. My purpose in writing about it is to illustrate the ways in which conservatives apply a double[Read More…]

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