While Civil Unions do not provide for full equality, and they are seen as a step into accepting second class citizenship, they provide more rights and benefits than gay and lesbian couples currently have. I’d call this progress. Is it enough no- but 9is it better than nothing at all? Yes!

But I want to draw attention to one quote out of the story from the Hawaii:

“Instead of redefining the institution of marriage, legislators should be focused on improving public education and balancing the state budget,” Aiona said in a statement.

Aiona is the Lt Governor. What is most important to notice here is that how, even Civil Unions are being equated with redefining marriage. Some opponents to Gay Marriage claim that it is the institution of marriage, a religious bonding of a man and a woman that they are trying to protect. Civil Unions don’t touch the religious covenant in any way at all, and so opposition to civil Unions on that ground illuminates the real bigotry behind any of this opposition.

The quote also highlights the level of invisibility and lack of worth gay and lesbian couples ( and GLBTQ people overall) have in the eyes of the opposition. When a Republican (who are generally speaking famous for cutting money from Education) claims that improving education is more important than treating people fairly, it again highlights the bigotry.

In every state and region, the importance of this type of legislation may vary. Ibn states like Pennsylvania, where gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgenders can be fired simply for being gay, other laws like non-discrimination may be more important. Why would a couple  seek a civil union when that disclosure could jeopardize their jobs? but in other states and regions, civil unions, domestic partnerships, second parent adoptions and other laws must remain at the forefront of our movement.

We must use every means possible to point out bigotry where it is is. Bigotry is destroying the fabric of our society.

Hawaii Senate passes civil-unions bill, 18-7 | honoluluadvertiser.com | The Honolulu Advertiser.

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