I have posted things and written about transgender  issues and perspectives quite a bit on my blog, and I’m grateful for the amount, and quality of dialogue that has grown from these posts. so, I was happy to see today, on Twitter, a link to the blog post linked here.  The author, Noah, adds a new voice (new as it is a voice that hasn’t been heard on my blog before) and has a refreshing and meaningful way to express his ideas. I hope you take some time to read his whole blog entry lined below, but here is an excerpt:

I’m happy to say that I am completely male… I just happen to be female bodied. I never plan on having bottom surgery as a penis does not make me a man. My feeling male makes me a man.

I do everything a man is ‘supposed’ to do. I play video games, I love movies, i’m not that interested in fashion, I enjoy looking at beautiful women (and alot of beautiful men too), I pee standing up, I even shave although I’m not yet on Testosterone. So surely I’m a man? My friends know me as a man, the actually don’t know any different. My parents are beginning to accept me as their son and my girlfriend, although a lesbian, accepts me as male. But would my status within my friends change if they were to find out that I don’t have a penis and testicles like they do?

The T Word: The ‘Male’ view of Transsexualism and Transgender?.

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