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Library Receives Threats Over Movie Event

On the one hand, anonymous phone threats are simply cowardly acts. On the other hand, the attempt to intimidate an organization in an effort to thwart free speech and the open sharing of ideas , is country to everything that makes our country what it is.

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PA Governor’s Race: Dan Onorato, Joe Hoeffel and Lynn Griffen

So, do we want a governor who has a great voting record on progressive issues which shows he goes along with the progressive caucus, or do we want a person who can illustrate his leadership in economic as well as social issues?

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Jim Burn: Opening Comments at the Steel City Stonewall Democrats Meeting

What I appreciated most, were his remarks about how the process we go through in the Spring is one of “healthy debate” because our party is such a big tent. But that in the end, we all want the same thing, for everyone to have a fair shake.

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Democrats, Decorum, and Democracy

I was reminded again by something that another person had pointed out to me some time ago. What are the types of skills a Governor needs as opposed to a Senator (or Congressperson)?

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Bi Is Not A Stopover On The Way To Gay

As we continue to move forward towards Equality, Liberation or whatever we label our end goal, it will be in our best interest to continue to explore and understand the full spectrum of individuals who make up the coalition of communities, we are referring to when we say LGBT, or GLBTQ.

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I think we can count on legislators to work with us, but so often, it is LGBT and other-wise equality oriented groups that must lead the battle and keep legislators informed and accountable.

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Corbett, Onorato Lead Wide Open Gov Primaries

Steel City has posted questionnaires from the various democratic candidates for the governor race as well as other races on their blogsite, and some candidates will be present from 3:30-4:30 to answer questions from the audience.

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We have been hearing for months that ENDA will go up for markup and a vote, but it continues to be delayed. Will this Spring be more of the same, or with your help, can we get this moving? If I were asked to prioritize efforts at the national level, ENDA would be my highest priority. and here is why.

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Update on Derrick: Homeless But Not Dateless

I posted yesterday about Derrick Martin whose small town High School is allowing him to bring his male date to his prom. But there is an update on this. I guess his parents are not quite as supportiv

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Corbett’s Cause

Corbett’s Cause

Saw this on (link below) Corbett’s Cause |

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