The linked story below is actually about the state of Virginia where the current Attorney General is trying to deny LGBT’s rights, and the Governor has come out issuing an order against discrimination. Here is a clip from the story:

One thing having an impact is that Northrup Grumman is looking to relocate its headquarters to the DC metro area.  The company has a clear non-discrimination policy and offers benefits to domestic partners.  People in Maryland were using Cuccinelli’s approach on the issue to try to get the company to disqualify Virginia as a location.

Does Pennsylvania want to be attracting large corporations like Northrup Grumman? Seems like a silly question, yet the reality is that companies make choices based on a number of factors, bit at least a part of it, is selecting states and locations consistent with their internal policies regarding non-discrimination and domestic partnership benefits.

Wake up Pennsylvania! We are already slipping behind and are less competitive than many other states, stop that decline and bring companies and jobs to our state by making Pennsylvania a state free from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. Pass PA HB 300, and stop discriminatory legislation such as SB 707!

via Daily Kos: BREAKING – Gov. McDonnell separates from AG, issues order against discrimination.

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