The link below is to a story on Towleroad.  The Towleroad snip is worth reading and contains a video clip that will most likely make you angry (It had that affect on me).

From CNN’s blog: “At 10:40 we’ll talk with the State Assemblywoman who’s heading up the repeal effort. We’ll also talke (sic) with a leading expert on sexual reorientation, who was gay but is now married to a woman and has 3 kids.”

Two questions come up for me:

1) Is CNN moving to the far right, and is their news quality approximating Fox News?

I don’t have an answer for that. I know that I have felt that even AC 360 has moved pretty far to the right. but this one is too big for me to think about. We MUST have objective news, or our democracy is all over. That seems really huge, so I’ll leave it to better minds to really investigate that.

2) Is there something LGBT’s can do to combat the never ending push by the ex-gay quackery?

This is a simpler question to be sure. Of course there is. Be out! Be proud! And be your authentic self at all times!

There is some truth to the other side’s point. Yes, a person can completely abandon their authentic self, and pretend to be straight.  If they can or can not, really isn’t the point. The real point is just because someone can, should they have to? At one point, they forced everyone to learn to write with their right hand, before we understood the science of left or right hand dominance. We don’t fully understand the Science of sexuality, but these folks act as if we do.

The second point about this: we have to stop talking in terms of Homosexuality, as if it is opposed to Heterosexuality, with the two being the whole spectrum of sexuality. We do understand the Science here enough to know that sexuality falls across a broad spectrum from exclusively gay to exclusively straight, with most people falling somewhere along the spectrum with some level of being bisexual. We must make sure we are speaking out from where ever we sit along that spectrum. We do not need to talk about homosexuality, but rather talk about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transexual.

We have to be visible as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people! We need to be a part of the discussion instead of allowing others to be discussing us, especially when using pseudo-medical terms like homosexuality.

Lastly, we need to call out and allow our voices to be heard. Tell CNN to start offering objective reporting! In other situations like this, don’t sit by quietly, but demand our visibility and respect.

via CNN’s Kyra Phillips: Is Homosexuality a Problem in Need of a Cure? – VIDEO – Towleroad, More than gay news. More gay men.

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