Art All Night Is Today

At 6PM this evening, the doors fly open for Art All Night, and I’m very excited about it. AAN is an awesome event and you need to check it out. T%he first one was …13 years ago, or something like that. I worked on the poster for that very first one. Since then, on and off, I’ve had work in the show, or simply just attended when I’ve been in town. For a few years, Brad and I seemed to have an out of town commitment the same weekend as Art All Night, but here it is this year, and I’m here!

The piece I’m putting in the show this year, is a piece that has been in my studio for a while, and is titled, “glass houses.” It is a mixed media work, 15″ h x 13″w x 12″ d, and was first constructed as part of the baby doll series. Most of that series has been photographic portraits, but this piece was one of several 3D pieces that came to my mind as I worked on the series. I’ll add a picture of it to this blog entry if I can photograph it in the show this evening, and I feel like the picture adequately shows off the piece.

For the first time, Brad is also entering a piece in the show too!  He has begun a new creative venture recently, and one of his fine creations will be there. His work uses all recycled/upcycled materials, and is more utilitarian than most art. That’s all I’m going to say about it for now. You will have to look at al the name tags to see which works are ours.

I don’t know what time we are going- probably late this evening.

The show is at the old Iron City Brewery on Liberty Ave and runs from 6PM this evening to 2PM tomorrow.

Art All Night: Lawrenceville.

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