This may seem like a story out of the Twilight Zone (or am I showing my age citing that program?). But in reality, this encapsulates the entire reason why the radical right is fighting so hard against and and all GLBTQ rights. For them, Religious Liberty means that because they have beliefs, anything and everything they choose to object to, that they can find any Biblical evidence against must be made invisible.

“We are deeply concerned that these changes would threaten the religious liberty of chaplains and service members,” the chaplains said in their letter, circulated Tuesday by the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund

I written about this at length on my other blog, Queer Look at the Bible, as well as here on this site. Religious Liberty is the excuse used over and over and over again. If it seems crazy, it is because it really is.

Chaplains provide pastoral support to those service members  who request it, and lead worship services for those who seek participation. Chaplains come from all faith backgrounds including christian denominations that fully accept gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women and men. Yet the fact that there would be out gays and lesbians, will in some way impact the work of chaplains? How is that?

The story is the same everywhere however. Even Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of PA admits that no one should be discriminated against, but she will continue to work to be discriminatory because protecting the institution of marriage is more important than rights for everyone. Since marriage is a religious rite, this is all about Religious Liberty.

But true liberty says that I am allowed to live my life and you are allowed to live yours as long as neither of us are infringing upon the rights of the other. So, if there is an out gay soldier, it doesn’t affect how a chaplain does his or her job, in any way. That chaplain can keep believing whatever they believe, no one is stopping him or her.

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