I never cease to be amazed at the lengths some men go to as they try and deny (even to themselves?) their sexual orientation. I suppose that is why they cling so desperately to the notion of a “gay lifestyle.” If they can make that seem real enough- as if it is about what one does- then they don’t have to come to terms with the fact that being gay is about being who you are.  So, I’d label the Long Stroke as gay sex, but for Rekers, perhaps it is what keeps you from gay sex? Rekers says he isn’t gay, but do straight men really pay for other men to touch them in erotic ways?

During a recent vacation on which the escort accompanied George Alan Rekers, the Baptist minister paid for daily nude body rubs, the man identified as “Lucien” told the Miami New Times. He told the newspaper Rekers created a name for his preferred massage technique – “the long stroke,” a rubdown that involves complex below-the-belt touching.

I posted about Reker the other day, but the linked article here, adds more details to it. Underneath it all, is clear and potent internalized homophobia. Gay sex is bad, bad, bad, even if the long stroke feels so good. It is bad because of… health risks. Reminds me of old Jesse Helms. Would someone please shake these ideiots and maybe it will sink in. AIDS is an equal opportunity killer, and is spread during heterosexual sex as well as same-sex sexual behavior

Rekers also said in a Facebook interview with the blog joe.my.god that he tried ministering to the 20-year-old gigolo and teach him “it is possible to cease homosexual practices to avoid the unacceptable health risks associated with that behavior.”

via ‘Lucien’ the escort: Anti-gay minister George Allan Rekers is homosexual who bought nude massages.

A very thorough look at this can be found on Joe.My.God, including video from both Rachel Maddow and AC360. Joe adds another aspect to the discussion- the differing coverage by these two journalists. Maddow is an out and proud lesbian, and Cooper is possibly gay, but has never identified himself that way publicly.



  1. tcwaters says:

    Thanks so much for adding this to the discussion here!

  2. I don't know if you saw this in my LJ. I put it up before all this Rekers stuff broke out, but it features a co founder of Exodus International. His story has a happier ending, but he talks a lot about his struggles. It gives great insight into the mind of a fundamentalist Christian who feels conflicted.


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