I’m not sure if it is just that Hoeffel is slipping or if the other candidates are picking up some of the undecided voters, but it looks like Hoeffel is at the back of the pack.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely Democratic Primary Voters in the state shows Onorato with a two-to-one lead over his two closest challengers, State Auditor Jack Wagner and State Senator Anthony Williams, who each pick up 17% support. Former Congressman Joe Hoeffel earns nine percent (9%) of the primary vote.

So my guess is the attacks on Dan Onorato, which are mostly based on misinformation and spin  will continue and expand over the next week. From my perspective however, the choice is clear. Dan Onorato has the best chance to beat Tom Corbett in the Fall, and that is essential for any progressive issue important to Pennsylvanian. Jack Wagner is the least gay friendly of the four candidates and that makes him the worst choice of the democratic candidates. Williams really only cares about Philadelphia, and after the last 8 years where Western PA has not been given its due, it is time to change the Philadelphia stronghold on the governor’s seat. and even though Hoeffel is the most progressive of the candidates, he hasn’t been able to produce a message that resonates with the voters of Pennsylvania, and if this poll is any indication, doesn’t have a chance.

via Election 2010: Pennsylvania Democratic Primary for Governor – Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢.

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