The linked blog post by Tom Lang below is a wonderful read, and talks about something I’ve written about from a general perspective before. Same-sex marriage equality is critically important to some parts of the LGBT community, but it, in and of itself does not produce equality. Even after 6 years of marriage equality there, the whole of the LGBT community remains lacking some very basic protections because a part of that whole has no protections at all.

Tom writes:

But can there be Equality (of course on a state level) when Transgender People are still not protected in Massachusetts?  When they still can be fired, thrown out of their rental housing or worse

In many states many gays and lesbians have passionately become politically active over the issue of same-sex marriage, and for good reason. The right to marry not only acknowledges the validity of our relationships, and allows up publicly to say, “I Do.” but more importantly provides real protections to the two partners as well as to their family, in whatever form that takes. But as Tom has come to understand, Marriage isn’t enough. In fact, when more basic protections like housing and employment are denied to transgender persons, having the right to marry, simply adds you to the group of “haves.”

but now I feel a bit elitist, a bit “non-inclusive,”  and a whole lot incomplete.

The language used to derail transgender rights predictably centers around the bathroom, and when you have groups like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) repeating the lies about the bathroom bill, it ought to be a clear and resounding warning that even transgender rights are connected to same-sex marriage, and that no matter what level of protections we are moist passionate about, we must all continue to fight for full equal rights for all.

I have never seen a marriage equality activist publicly, and so eloquently address this disparity. I commend Tom for that, and wish him a happy anniversary!

via Can There Be Equality Without Transgender People?.

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