The link below is to Towleroad which then links back to the Blade. Both are worth checking out. The slant of the Towleroad piece seems to be (or at least this is how the commenters have taken it) is that this simply pushes ENDA back. One bill and then the other. But there are two points not being made in either Towleroad or the blade.

Looks like we won’t see any action on ENDA until 2011 at the earliest. Until then, continue to hope that you won’t be fired from your jobs because you’re gay.

1) DADT- Why aren’t more people talking about how watered down this repeal measure is? The repeal does remove the DADT language, and returns the situation to what it was before DADT was passed. Remember, DADT was supposed to make it possible for gays and lesbians to serve. Before DADT they couldn’t serve. The repeal does not allow openly gay and lesbians to serve their country. The repeal simply returns the law to what it was before DADT.
2) Pelosi seems to talk about this as if it is merely procedural. Doing one and then the other is about devoting attention where it is needed. But the reality is she is showing no leadership here. There appear to be enough votes to pass ENDA, and who knows if that will remain after the november elections.

via Nancy Pelosi: No ENDA Vote Until After ‘DADT’ is Repealed – Towleroad, More than gay news. More gay men.

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