I haven’t seen enough on this issue, and wanted to offer my own thoughts. The linked Salon story is pretty good, and I believe Pam’s House Blend also ran a story about it. So, in a nutshell, a young person shoved a camera in Representative Bob Etheridge’s face, and he flipped out a bit, trying to force the kid to give him some information. Etheridge was clearly in the wrong, yet I can help watching the video and thinking that the kid had it coming. I think it is possible for both parties in this to be at fault, which doesn’t excuse the actions of either one.

Pam rightly points out how easy it is for liberals to be criticizing the kid while conservatives are chastising Etheridge- as if taking sides makes it all better or makes the other one the bad guy. On the other hand, video is a damaging weapon. Look at ACORN. Look at Arlen Specter. Look at what happens with a small video clip ends up in the wrong hands or portrayed in just the right way.

More than the specifics here- what Pam called “clear-cut,” what does this say about politics and the changing role of politician? What does it mean when a public officials has to be, at all times, on guard against attack (even of a digital nature.)

Rep. Bob Etheridge should be arrested for assault.

via Rep. Bob Etheridge should be arrested for assault – Glenn Greenwald – Salon.com.

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  1. This was posted to Twitter by @BenHbgPa:

    BenHbgPa @tcwaters re: Etheridge – I think Greenwald is wrong about it & Jonathan Chait is right – http://bit.ly/anEHGS

    The link is to a New Republic article that has a very different perspective than the article I linked to in my post. Thanks Ben!

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