The linked post on Infinonymous caught my attention, and I’ve been contemplating for about a week now as to what exactly I wanted to say about it. The question it introduces for me, is this- who is trying to help elect Tom Corbett? I have to wonder now that the primary season is over what is to be gained by ongoing criticism of Dan Onorato, especially within the LGBT community. And if it isn’t directly from within, how ironic it would be that Lesbian Blogger Sue Kerr’s words are used to find fault with the only candidate standing in the way of things getting worse for LGBT people in Pennsylvania.

Maybe infinonymous wants to be pro-Corbett, I’m not sure. Or the commenter “PK,” although the reference to “our blessed Sue” doesn’t fit that image too well. but I guess you never know.

No matter what you want to say about Dan Onorato’s record, on LGBT issues, two things are clear:

1) Allegheny County now has non-discrimination protections because a hardworking coalition of organizations as well as several elected democrats worked extremely hard and got it passed. It took the work of all these people involved, and that included Dan Onorato. It would not have happened without him, nor without the hard work and teamwork of everyone who pulled together to make it happen. Local individuals, local organizations, and elected officials, all working together. In the 10th and 11th hour, however, it would have failed except for the work of Onorato.

My point in this is to highlight what happens with everyone works together as opposed to pitting the elected official as the problem. (Even if it makes a blogger feel good to be taking snipes at an elected official)

2) Tom Corbett is very clear on LGBT issues, and if he gets elected, we will see a governor who will actively work for a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, and a state-wide non-discrimination law, which is closer than it has ever been before will be gone for good (or at least for the next 8 years).

During the primary, it at least made sense why some would be critical of any one candidate since there was such a large field of candidates running, and for some, there was no hope except to try and trash the front runner. But the primary is over, and the next 8 years of the lives of LGBT Pennsylvanians is at stake.

How ironic it is the words of a lesbian blogger, “our blessed Sue.” are used to keep taking swipes at the only candidate for governor who has a chance now of stopping Tom Corbett. We won’t get the opportunity to hold Dan Onorato accountable for moving LGBT rights forward in the state, if we just keep painting him as the problem. It isn’t a matter of “who is a stalwart for LGBT rights,” but rather, who is not, and the not is Tom Corbett.

Infinonymous: Onorato Aims Postcard At Visiting Republicans But Democrats’ Positions (And Hopes) Take Hits.


  1. How can someone ban something agents that is what this country is all about freedom to choose! If someone wants to be gay they have the american right to do so. No one should be able to tell a person who they can and can not love! Im sorry did I miss the part where we turned in to a Communist society. How can you ban something that should be personal choose, there not hurting anyone. Just because someone may not understand it doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it and ban it. get over it!

    • Thanks for commenting, although I’m not sure I understand how it applies specifically to what I wrote?

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