For any progressive issue, but reproductive rights specifically, the choice for the next Governor of PA is an easy one. PA is not a state very supportive of reproductive rights, having one of the most restrictive laws on the books, yet, what will happen if Tom Corbett is elected? It is likely to get worse.

Kevin Harley, a spokesman for Mr. Corbett, said the attorney general would deliver “a pretty simple message. … He’s going to thank them for their commitment to the pro-life movement and urge them to continue their work.”

While the group he will address is strategizing to enact more extensive restrictions on abortion in statehouses across the country, Mr. Harley said Mr. Corbett has not proposed any particular changes in Pennsylvania law.

“Certainly, we have one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation,” the aide said, “however, if the Legislature passed a more restrictive abortion bill, he would have to review it.”

The State Senate is already Republican controlled, and could be quick to move on more restrictive legislation. If Corbett wins, there is also the chance that the State House would go Republican too. Progressive issues as well as any moderate viewpoints may be gone for the foreseeable future.

This is not to say that Dan Onorato is progressive on this issue. But he has at least been clear that he would veto any attempt to make PA law more restrictive when it comes to a woman’s right to choice.

Pennsylvania  has been on a pattern of electing one party for eight years, and then electing the other party for eight years- back and forth. If any progressive issue is important to you, stop and consider what eight years of a government where the House Senate and Governor’s seat are all Republican controlled will do for the issues that matter to you.

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