Details continue to come in about the recent gay bashing in Highland Park, and I’ve been working closely with Patrick Dowd on this. I haven’t posted more information yet, and will hold off until after I learn more from the Zone 5 police commander. Thank-you to everyone who has shared some information! If you know anything about this incident, or the perpetrators who did the violence, please contact me, or Patrick Dowd’s office or the Zone 5 commander directly. Individual’s names and details as needed are being held in confidence for privacy.

I’m very pleased with how the investigation has been proceeding and the involvement of councilman Patrick Dowd has been a tremendous help. But also, the Zone 5 police commander and others there has been great. I have some info I want to share- but need to wait till everything is in. I hope that we will see some real progress grow out of this incident. Things are moving in a good direction.

The other day, I posted about the Citizen Police Academy. I want to put in another plug for that. Why not download the application and apply. You will do much to assist in educating the police about the needs of LGBT Pittsburghers.

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  1. Ali Haimson says:

    Hi Thomas,
    What is the info that you wanted to share but couldn't in this post? Are there any updates on this from the Zone 5 commander? Has anything progressed?

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