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The Backlash to the PennDOT action has begun!

They need to generate fear in the reader, and create a false sense of being a victim. The truth is that a YMCA or similar facility is not under any requirement to do anything based upon a driver’s license. But the next few sentences lay out the AFA’s real motivation with what they have written.

PA DOT Has New Gender Marker Policy

too often the “T” in LGBT is forgotten, and this piece of work is a big step forward in terms of treating the whole of the LGBT community as valued and important.

August 25, 2010 4 comments general

Joe Hoeffel and Dan Onorato to Hold Rally in Pittsburgh

Toward that end, Joe will be joining Dan here in Pittsburgh for a rally/ meet and greet on Wednesday October 6th, from 5-6:30 PM. More details to follow. Joe has been out on the road with Dan a few times now, and the message is one we can all agree on- that for the state to prosper, individual rights and equality matter for all of Pennsylvanians, including Gay, Lesbian, Bixsesual, and Trans persons.

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Tomorrow is Election Day in Florida: Make Your Voice Heard

Don’t be left behind. If you have not already voted, join your friends and neighbors and PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW!

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Doylestown Bans LGBT Discrimination

I have never heard a person speak out for Marriage Equality who didn’t already live in a place with basic protections against discrimination.

The Pittsburgh Police and the LGBT Community

This is a follow up to several posts recently about a gay bashing in Highland Park, the community I live in.

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The Role of Open Dialogue

They may always be actively working against our rights. But the folks we need to reach, are our co-workers, our neighbors, and those who fall more towards the middle of the scale when it comes to acceptance. These are the folks who can come to understand the importance of LGBT Equality, and become our allies, and open dialogue can help make that happen.

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The Rising American Theocracy

All of these are opportunities by the defenders of the status quo to other a stereotyped group of individuals so that they are isolated and villainized. Villains are scary, right?

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Homosexuals Seek to Destroy Society Itself

At the risk of over-simplifying this, I think it is very important for anyone who is seeking to extend Equality to all, to really grasp the degrees to which some will go to protect the status quo. THis is the next major battle. Not Religion vs Equality, but rather Rational thought vs Fear. Truth can and will win out, but only if we remain a rational voice at the table countering hyperbole with reality. “…the[Read More…]

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The Changing Environment of LGBT Activism

Then Walker handed down his prop 8 ruling, and everything started to shift. Imagine if there were 50 there without much organization, how big of a crowd could have been gathered if there was a major push to create a real counter demonstration?

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