Update: Since this was posted, the date and time of the event has been changed and this post ajusted to reflect the correct information

If you follow any of the LGBT bloggers in Pennsylvania, you probably know that there was a real difference of opinion as to who was the best Democratic candidate for Governor. Many bloggers were highly supportive of Joe Hoeffel who was perhaps the most progressive candidate in the primary race, and who has been a real friend to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans community. Others, like myself, were most supportive of Dan Onorato, who we felt had the best likelihood of beating Tom Corbett in November. Sometimes in the midst of that, a central point was often hidden- that a Republican win of the Governor’s seat would be bad for LGBT Pennsylvanians, and no matter where we each fall on the spectrum from ultra progressive to moderate, we have to make sure that Tom Corbett is not elected. In the primary, the differences between Hoeffel and Onorato were accentuated, but at the end of the day, the similarities, and their goals are alike rather than different. Both want to see the state thrive, and that includes the LGBT community.

Toward that end, Joe will be joining Dan here in Pittsburgh for a rally/ meet and greet on Wednesday October 3th, from 3-4 PM. Bakery Square 2ndFloor Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Joe has been out on the road with Dan a few times now, and the message is one we can all agree on- that for the state to prosper, individual rights and equality matter for all of Pennsylvanians, including Gay, Lesbian, Bixsesual, and Trans persons. Tom Corbett is on record as vowing to work for a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. He is aligned with other right wing folks like Ken Cuccinelli, who worked in his state to take away domestic partnership benefits from the state Universities, and to water down non-discrimination language that offered protection in employment, public accommodations and housing. A win for Tom Corbett will not be good for LGBT Pennsylvania. Maybe more importantly, it is believed by some that low Democrat turn out will also result in more Republican wins in the House of Representatives. If the Dems lose all power in the state, we are really in for trouble. One reason why LGBT supportive legislation like HB 300 hasn’t moved further is because it is known that it won’t get anywhere in the State Senate, which is currently Republican controlled. What little momentum we have at the state level for LGBT legislation will be utterly lost, if we allow the Republicans to win anything this November.

Mark your calendar and plan now to come out on October 6th to meet Dan and Joe!  I’ll publish more about this as details become available.

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