Word is that Judge Walker will release his prop 8 verdict and the blogosphere is all in a buzz! And for good reason. This is probably the single most anticipated court ruling for LGBT issues. Individually, it could impact California law and the prop 8 ruling, but could also impact marriage law across the entire country. Coupled with the recent DOMA ruling in New England, the stage will be set for the next phase of the court battle for marriage equality.

I won’t participate in the speculation, nor add another voice to the discourse about what it (whatever it is) will mean. If all goes well, I’ll weigh in on it after the ruling is released this afternoon.however, it is being reported that the anti-gay prop 8 supporters have already filed a stay pending appeal decision. This may actually be more important than the actual ruling itself.

We know that the ruling will be appealed no matter what then decision is, and Walker, almost painfully, laid out a meticulous case so that there was no stone unturned and the court record would be as detailed as could be as the case moves through the appeals process towards the Supreme Court. But what about the time between now and the appeal? I’m slipping into speculation. More later!

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