2 Political Junkies has a nice blog post covering the Trib-Review’s editorial on the Prop 8 decision by Judge Vahn Walker. These bloggers do a great job of reviewing the editorial content of both the Post-Gazette and the Trib-Review. In this post,  dayvoe notes where they got it on and where it wasn’t so much on.

Critics have been quick to say that the will of seven million Californians who voted for Proposition 8 has been negated by an activist liberal judge. Reading it, you might think that what the critics say about the Judge (that he’s of the “activist liberal” variety) is actually true. Did you know he was first appointed to the bench by George H. W. Bush? Or that he was first nominated by Ronald Reagan? He was. Or that Speaker Pelosi opposed his nomination? She did.

I think that the Trib is both right and wrong on this one.  Yes, critics have been quick to say this, and No, it isn’t a true statement. The way the Trib leaves it, you get the impression that the Trib is treating it as a true statement.

It never ceases to amaze me  how trampled the constitution is by some of the very folks who scream the loudest that the Democrats are destroying our country. This judge, like all judges, simply do their job. The judge held a trial, heard evidence, and made a decision based upon that evidence. He acted out the 3rd branch of our government in the way that allows the courts to be a check and balance upon the other branches of the government. It wasn’t the actions of this one judge that invalidated the views of the California voters, but rather, it was an unconstitutional initiative that did that. The judge was merely responsible for pointing out the obvious flaws in the testimony of those who support the law, and the testimony against the law was stronger.

Do, check out dayvoe’s post the stuff about who appointed Walker is good stuff!

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