It is great to see Sue Kerr back at the blog with her usual mix of humor and critique.

I know that every time I bring up the fact that Onorato hasn’t done anything about this I single handedly contribute to the downfall of the Democratic party in Pennsylvania, but still … gay people deserve health care for their families.

I can’t argue that it is disappointing that we haven’t seen more action on this, nor can I fault her for continuing to ask the question. I just wish the issue was presented a bit more realistically. To listen to Sue, you would think that once Onorato does something gay families will magically have health care coverage. What they will have is the opportunity to buy heath insurance , right? The opportunity to buy insurance is a great step forward, but not exactly the same thing as having heath care coverage (that they deserve, in her opinion). Still Sue is 100% right that we haven’t heard anything on this for a while, and that is a real disappointment.

I want to see these benefits come into being, but I’m also concerned about what will happen if Onorato isn’t elected Governor, and Tom Corbett ends up in that position instead. We definitely won’t see any movement forward on LGBT rights for a long time to come if that is the case.

Consider if Virginia offers any glimpse as to what will happen in PA. In VA, not only do LGBT’s have fewer rights, but the Republicans in power went after the state schools  to stop them from offering domestic partnership benefits. Is it too far of a stretch to think that if Corbett is elected, and Republicans take control of the House, we will likely see actions across the state to squelch whatever progress we have been making towards equality?

I applaud Sue for wanting to hold public officials accountable. I just hope in the process it doesn’t stop some voters from getting to the polls, so that a low Dem turnout ends up helping to elect a Republican who is clearly hostile towards the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

via Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents :: Parking what?.

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