The linked post is about the singers from Peter, Paul, and Mary objecting to the National Organization using their song at their summer anti-gay pro-hate rallies, and it is a good read, in and of itself. But I think it also fits into a bigger narrative that is going on at the moment, where [fill in the blank] are doing everything in their power to rewrite history to suit their own purposes. If [fill in the blank] is not a group you recognize, I admit to not being sure who to identify. It could be the conservatives. They seem pretty intent on reframing the constitution as they attack Health Care Reform and other changes being made by the Democrats. Yet, the Tea Party crazies, may be on the far right, but the word “conservative” doesn’t really capture who they are. Likewise, many of the anti-gay crusaders may work hand in hand with conservatives, but may be more fringe than that. Either way, from Glen Beck claiming that the Washington Monument building was halted during the Civil War (impossible since it wasn’t even begun till well after the war ended) and his co-opting of Martin Luther King, to the entire “don’t tread on me” Tea Party movement, any of these groups who are opposed to anything progressive are destroying the true basis of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by fictionalizing our past.

The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) use of the Peter, Paul, and Mary song is especially troubling since popular culture, especially during the ’60’s was such a fruitful and powerful force against injustice and the misuse of power. This ability and willingness to use our voices and popular culture to speak out against injustice is critical if things are to change. Thanks to Peter and Noel Paul for standing up to this disgrace.

Joe. My. God.: Peter, Paul & Mary To NOM: Stop Playing Our Song At Your Hate Rallies.

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