Major Margaret Witt was suspended in 2004 and subsequently discharged under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT), but must be reinstated according to a court decision this week.

Barring an appeal, Witt will now be able to serve despite being openly gay, and a federal judge in California earlier this month ruled the law unconstitutional and is considering whether to immediately halt the ban. While such an injunction would prevent openly gay service members from being discharged going forward, it wouldn’t do anything for those who have already been dismissed.

I saw this on Joe.My.God, but went to find other sources to see if the news media was reporting the decision in any greater detail. It is important to see how this case fits with the other events surrounding DADT.

Gay rights advocates say that if the government must justify each firing under “don’t ask,” it will mean a slow death for the policy — even if an outright repeal isn’t endorsed by Congress or the courts.

Cases like this illustrate just how messed up Washington is right now, and how hysterical (irrational??) the arguments being used against gays and lesbians are when it comes down to reasoned consideration. The GOP is so beholden to the Radical Religious Right, that it can’t act in a philosophically conservative manner. Even though the majority of Americans are opposed to DADT, Republicans were so hell bent on stopping the repeal, they refused to allow debate to even begin. But the White House and the Democrats aren’t acting any better. They are so afraid of inciting the ire of the far right, that they cowardly back down rather than act on principle.

via Judge Orders Lesbian Reinstated to Air Force – ABC News.


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