Ann Coulter

At least according to Ann Coulter and the conservative gay group, GOProud, it is.  I don’t know which I find more mind blowing- that Coulter thinks this, or that GOProud does.

Civil rights is a black issue. Now everybody in America wants to be black – the feminists, the gays, the illegal immigrants. What civil rights are they being denied?”

GOProud, in terms of their stance is easier to understand. They are utterly irrational in most every position they take, and it seems as if they do whatever they are going to do, not out of any sense of principles, but rather just to be contrary. They are the epitome of “straight acting and appearing.”

But Coulter? To limit Civil Rights to being a purely racial issue that stems from slavery, is pretty insane and simplistic, even for her. Maybe Coulter would like to give up her ability to cast a ballot in the election, to show how much she is fine with being denied the right to vote. Or, does she have some other way of understanding suffrage – some way that it wasn’t about Civil Rights?

The use of the term Civil Rights goes back much much farther than the 1860’s in the US. To try and suggest that racial issues are the basis of Civil Rights, is another attempt by the far right to rewrite (or at least retell) history to suit its own needs. But, in 18th century England, Civil Rights referred to discrimination and unequal treatment against Catholics.

On the one hand, incidents like this illustrate how much progress gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender folks have made. Our opponents find it harder and harder to find any argument against equality that seems to make any sense or seem at all rational, so they resort to rewriting History. On the other hand, it should also serve as a warning, that whatever gains we have made are tenuous and easily lost, if we allow the far right to take any control at all.

This is what we have to look forward to- more folks and people in elected office who hold similar views, if Dems stay home on election day?  Tell, me is that the type of country you want? If the answer is no, then get out and vote!

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