The PA Governor’s race is getting too close to call as Dan Onorato’s message has been gaining traction across Pennsylvania, but at the moment, Tom Corbett is still showing a few point lead in recent polls. You can make the difference between a governor who is actively working against gays and lesbians or one who has vowed to push for statewide non-discrimnation protections. Did you know that Tom Corbett, as PA AG has signed onto an amicus brief filed in the California Prop 8 case, and he is on record saying that if elected, he will push for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage? So, who is your choice for Governor- anti-gay Tom Corbett or Dan Onorato?

Come out and hear Joe Hoeffel, one of Pennsylvania’s more progressive politicians talk about why electing Dan is so critical!

Please join us for our LGBT Reception in honor of DAN ONORATO DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE FOR GOVERNOR

Featuring Special Guest
Hon. Joe Hoeffel
Sunday, October 3, 2010
3:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
Bakery Square 2ndFloor Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Hosted by: Onorato Pride

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  1. It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that Tom IS GAY. Watch his commercials.

  2. Dana Elmendorf says:

    I just thought I’d weigh in from my experience. We wouldn’t have a County Non-Discrimination bill without Dan’s efforts and negotiating skills. A few hours before the vote, we were going to lose and he was able and willing to step in and coordinate negotiations that resulted in enough members voting in favor for it to pass. I think this is critical to know as people think through their perspective on his leadership.

  3. I in NO WAY like Corbett, but I really feel no enthusiasm for Mr Onorato. Of course I realize I will have to vote for Onorato, but it won’t be because I have been moved by his leadership of Allegheny County or as an ally of the LGBT community. It will be because there is no other choice.

    • Thx for your comment.

      I think Dan has shown a real willingness to engage the LGBT community of Western PA and listen and learn. Very important skills from a leader. The Philly LGBT community benefitted greatly by having Rendell as governor. I think we can look for Western PA to be regarded as important, and for LGBT issues to receive adequate attention from the governor, if Dan is elected.

      This is no sure thing however. As you know Rob, we live in a state with a small pocket of progressives on either side of the state, but the majority of the state is very conservatively democrat. Enthused or not, we need to all do everything in our power to get Onorato elected, or face the consequences of a Corbett administration.

      Even more problematic than Cobett as governor would be what happens in the House if Dems don’t turn out and vote. If Dems stay home, then the Republicans will most likely also take the state House, and the incoming Reps will be far to the right of even the current Senate. Who ever would have thought that the current Senate would be seen as the more liberal of the two chambers….