It is hard to miss all of the polls predicting who will win the governor’s race in Pennsylvania. What the pollsters aren’t telling you is that the real bottom line is this: the winner will be 100% based on turnout. If Democrats turn out in reasonable numbers, Dan Onorato will win. If Democrats stay home, he won’t win. If Democrats stay home, the PA House will also go Republican, for the same reason, that a higher percentage of Republican voters will pull levers for Republican candidates. So, the failure for Democrats to turn out will mean a total loss of any control of Pa leadership of any type, for most likely the next four years at least, and eight years more likely.

If you are a Republican, maybe that sounds just fine. If you care about the economy and jobs, and growing the vitality of the State, then you ought to be scared. If you care about progressive social issues, you ought to be scared. If you care about the state benefiting from the Marcellus Shale/Gas instead of Texas Oil and Gas companies, you ought to be scared. If you think that simply electing a Republican will turn the state around- then look around and try and find one state with Republican control that is in great shape right now. These isn’t one.

So why so much talk about the polls? To diminish voter turn out? That may not be the purpose, but I think it is an outcome none the less.

The only poll that matters, is the count of ballots on November 2. You can either stay home and allow others to pick your next PA government, including the House and the Governor, or you can turn out and vote. Thew choice is yours.

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