Last week I wrote a blog post called an open letter to angry and frustrated activists, and aside from one such queer being really made at me, the response was great. The bottom line is that a few weeks before an election, is not the time to throw a temper tantrum and let the conservatives take our country back into the dark ages. A desire to keep a Democrat majority where there is at least an opportunity for equality is not the same as a blatant endorsement for those spineless Democrats who haven’t accomplished enough for LGBT Rights.

It is a bit like a game of chess where no matter which move you want to make, you will loose a chess piece.  The question becomes how do you compare the various outcomes to decide which is,the most advantageous in the long term. But at least the angry and frustrated activists have a good point. It seems like everyday we turn around and the so-called progressives are handing us another blow. Like the Obama administration’s appealing the DOMA case AND the DADT AND… any other way to screw us. The anger and frustration is real, and justified. I just hope we can harness it and put it to good use, because with friends like Obama, who needs enemies?

But we have enemies out there, and to allow the Tea Party crazies and conservatives to grab back power will simply make our enemies stronger. folks like the American Family Association and the National Organization for Marriage. So, is it better to turn our rage towards the folks who aren’t helping us, or the folks who activelymwant to harm us? Not a tough call in my book.

There is another category of gay I want to speak to today, that I’m going to call the Lazy Gay. I actually think the angry and frustrated activists should be just as pissed off at these folks as they are our so-called friends who haven’t achieved enough. And one such guy is a blogger in Philadelphia named Joe.

I’d like to overlook the two-facedness of the post, but I just can’t. It is just without class to say one thing to Onorato’s face and another behind his back so to speak. One of the things I’ve valued the most about Dan Onorato is his willingness to talk genuinely with you and listen to you even when you don’t agree with him. He is really fair that way. So to tell him that he better win and then turn around and diminish the chances of that is almost as bad as more openly working against his election. But that isn’t being lazy- just bitchy in that Perez Hilton way, but with less entertainment value. For the record, I don’t think Hilton pulls it off too well either. But Onorato has, across the state been willing to bring anyone into the campaign including folks who haven’t been happy with all of his positions or ideas. He has listened, learned, and grown as a candidate and a friend to the LGBT community.

But bigger than this classlessness, is an apparent cluelesness about the race itself, and the importance of the race.

Onorato can win this election. For Joe to state so emphatically that he can’t demonstrates no knowledge about the race. Depending upon the poll, it is either a dead heat at the moment, or Dan is down a few points. The reality is that winning will be all about turnout. If Democrats turnout and vote in good numbers, Onorato can will. If Democrats stay home, he will lose. The Onorato TV ad was fairly amazing. With the dismissiveness Joe displays an arrogance and ignorance about the value of the majority of the state (known as “the T”), and Onorato’s need to increase his name recognition. Something the ad did beautifully. The state’s LGBT community needs Dan Onorato to win, or we are looking at no progress at all on LGBT ISSUES, and most likely steps backwards for the next eight years.

But none of the points address the notion of laziness. And I admit this is the part that rely pisses me off. Joe is so ready to just let Tom Corbet win because there has been a history of the governor’s seat going back and forth between the two parties. Nothing like allowing for the status quo to continue unchallenged! There is no doubt that it continues to be an uphill battle for Dan Onorato. But the reality is that for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Pennsylvanians, as well as the state in general, he is the best chance we have at making the state a better place to live and work. He is the most qualified choice for governor, and the most supportive of progressive issues important to the LGBT community. And the polls demonstrate that he has what it takes to win. As of today, several polls now show Onorato and Cobett to be in a dead heat for governor.

We don’t need any lazy gays, too busy being cute to take the time and do a little work to assure that we can continue to move LGBT rights ahead in Pennsylvania. Joe, the Choice is yours. You can let Tom Corbett win, or you can get to work for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and help elect Dan Onorato.


  1. This is a repost from someone on which I think makes a lot of sense: The damage that Obama and the Dems are doing is that they’re signaling to gays that we are never good enough to go to bat for. In American politics, the Dems have historically been the party of the little guy, the underdog, the minorities. Not only are they tarnishing their brand by allowing the perception of homophobia to set in, but they’re also showing that a minority group can push through in the courts, without support from either party. establish enough precedent, start racking up acknowledgement of your argument in the courts, and progress is no longer contingent on support from a political party. It only fosters more fragmentation and alienation. It leaves gays in a position where, ultimately, we can blatantly tell candidates we’ll donate to them if and only if they support our causes, and even a minor deviation will seal the wallet shut. We already have enough of this, and thanks in part to this Administration, we’re gonna be the first minority group to test this mercenary approach. Neither party wants us? Have it your way. And when you support us, you’ll be our bitches, because there’ll be no secret that we bought that vote.

    • Thx for adding to the dialogue. I would contend however, no matter how we might perceive the Democrats as a whole have acted, the consequences of allowing any level of government to be taken back over by the GOP would be more disastrous for LGBT rights, and we need to, 1) keep demanding more from our elected officials, including all Dems, and 2) get out and vote to keep the power from slipping back into more conservative control.

      November 3rd is the perfect day to begin new launches of demands that the Democratic party listen to us, see us, respond to us, and stop using our rights as political toys.