Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Audrey Smith from State College,  PA, who started the group, Justice League-Activate! Prior to the interview, I would have described this as a direct action group, but after the interview, I’d say that they are far more than that. Or  I guess you could say, that I have a greater appreciation for how many who are behind direct action see it as a more concerted effort than simply doing acts of civil disobedience. You can listen to the interview on Blog Talk Radio. Justice League-Activate! was formed when Audrey and Eric Rhodes began to meet following the 2009 March on Washington. The engagement of new individuals with LGBT activism was one of the primary goals of the March.
Audrey, the work she and her group is doing as well as those she is working with, are excellent role models for the rest of us. They illustrate both a passion, as well as smart response to the problems facing LGBT Equality. Namely our need to be vocal and demand action from our elected officials. More than simply demanding action, however, Justice League- Activate couples their direct action with education and awareness building. Speaking with Audrey, I heard something I rarely hear when I talk with some other direct action types. She expressed how she saw direct action fit with other  more traditional actions like legislative advocacy, and I appreciated that. We all want the same outcome and we are going to get there faster when we listen to each other, coordinate our efforts and build upon our strengths instead of attacking each other for going about things in the wrong way.
Blog Talk Radio is an easy way to produce a podcast and interview guests. The software allows you to take phone calls from listeners, as well as interact with listeners via on-line chat. I have been broadcasting with Jason Crighton of Equality Partners, but I will also be broadcasting on my own, such as this interview about Justice League-Activate.

If you are interested in working with Justice League- Activate! or other direct action groups, I’m linking here to their Facebook page, as wells to GetEqual, a national group that is direct action oriented.

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