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Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey

Dan Onorato wants to keep the focus on the Pennsylvania economy and jobs and maintain the status quo on this social issue, and Tom Corbett is focused on increasing government control in individual’s lives.

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Help with making things get better

So the anti-gay forces who parade under the false banner of “care for the family” are stepping up the hate and the lies, and the misinformation. We will only make progress and create safer schools with the Safe Schools Improvement Act, with your help. We need you to make your voice known by writing a letter!

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Paladino Is So (Anti-)Gay And Full of BS

Carl Paladino says he doesn’t want kids to think that being gay is an equally valid and successful option for life. And that was part of his softened statement.

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Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex: Facts Not Fiction

The down side however, is that a lack f facts has never stopped the hate mongers. In fact they seem most happy generating crazy ideas and making up things to prove their ideas.

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Coming Out as Radical Action

In this way, coming out is radical action or activism. It is a willingness to make our whole selves present and visible to others at every choice we make.

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Open Letter to Angry and Frustrated LGBT Activists

October 11, 2010 Update: The truth is, this wasn’t originally, a well written post. I was asked if it could be posted as an editorial elsewhere on the web, and so I cleaned it up for that purpose. I’m posting the updated text here too, since it is better written. I’m leaving the original below  however. Preface: The following was written in response to a post on Facebook, where an activist was expressing frustration and[Read More…]

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Toomey and the Privatization of Social Security

For the sake of Pennsylvania’s seniors and hard working residents of any age, we must elect Joe Sestak, and stop any discussion of the privatization of Social Security.

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Who Are Tomorrow’s LGBT Leaders?

So, I was thrilled to see a GSA with so many smart, active and courageous young people involved, and exited to think about the role they will play is the struggle for full equality. They will be tomorrow’s leaders, helping to make gains on both the political and social paths.

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Dan DeMarco: Write-In Candidate Against Jane Orie

Note: @npghprogressive sent me a message via Twitter after I posted this to inform me that Dan DeMarco is not a write-in candidate, but actually on the ballot. The 2 Political Junkies post has been revised, and if my post was misleading, I apologize for the inconvenience. Maria, over at 2 Political Junkies has a great post about Dan DeMarco who is running in the PA Senate’s 40th district against the criminally indicted incumbent, Jane[Read More…]

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Pittsburgh Zone 5 Citizen’s Public Safety Council Meeting

The two gay bashings in Pittsburgh this summer, both happened within Zone 5- one in Bloomfield, and one on Highland Park. I attended the last meeting of the Citizen’s Council to talk about this issue, and the Council was very open to the discussion

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