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Out In The Silence Screening and Discussion tonight!

I will be speaking tonight as part of a panel following the screening of Out in the Silence. Oct 7 screening

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The Most Important Election Ever!

If we can get back to a simple majority ruling, we can actually see government begin to work again!

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Equality PA Statement on Gay Youth Bullying

Received this via email: Statement of Equality Pennsylvania HARRISBURG – On October 11, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people everywhere will celebrate National Coming Out Day.  On that day, many of us reflect on who we are and proudly share our lives with the people we know and meet. But this year, it is hard to imagine a National Coming Out Day with a more somber prelude.  Coming on the heels of a September that[Read More…]

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Thank You Blog Readers!

This morning I received an email that was just an awesome gift, and it reminded me of why I do what I do on this blog. Sometimes, I write for me- there are things I feel I need to say. Sometimes I write for you- there are things I think you need to hear. And sometimes I write because I think more people need to be talking about and thinking about something. It isn’t about[Read More…]

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Equality PA Seeking GOTV Volunteers

Please note: the adress has been corrected below: Equality PA Needs Pittsburgh Volunteers Local Pittsburgh GLBT folks are gathering at the hottest spot in town, the SEIU Office, to call other GLBTA folks! No, this isn’t the beginning of a new chat line. We are making calls to remind people to vote in the upcoming elections & to encourage them to vote for candidates that support our rights. This will also be your opportunity to meet[Read More…]

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Dan Onorato LGBT Gathering: A Follow-up

Onorato set out a plan for winning. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state. If they turn out and vote, we win. Sounds simple, right? Simple but maybe not easy. The key now, is getting out the vote.

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Tom Corbett’s Future for a Theocratic PA?

However, he has now demonstrated a part of his real agenda which could not be more anti-LGBT by filing a brief in the California Prop 8 case. To be clear, the Prop 8 case, by everyone’s estimation wouldn’t have any bearing on Pennsylvania directly.

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Is Andrew Shirvell a Bully?

The article is a good read, but in the midst of other recent headlines about five gay teems who have committed suicide because of the harassment and bullying they have received, I wonder if it is really asking the right questions. Rather than wonder if Shirvall’s speech is a matter of free speech, why isn’t anyone asking: is Shirvall is a big bully, and his actions similar to those used against younger gay teens?

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Joe Sestak Rally in Pittsburgh

Received this via email: With one month left until election day, U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak will be holding a rally for supporters TOMORROW, Oct. 2 at 3:00p.m. in downtown Pittsburgh. Joining Joe will be State Representative Dan Frankel, City Controller Michael Lamb, and many of Joe’s supporters. Joe will be speaking about the challenges Pennsylvanians face and steps to achieve victory on November 2. EVENT DETAILS: WHO: U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak with State[Read More…]

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